Hot Glass Working Classes

The Ten Commandments of

  1. Work hot
  2. Work from the pipe down
  3. Watch what you are doing
  4. Keep your piece on center
  5. Work quickly
  6. Read the glass before tooling it
  7. Be gentle with your glass
  8. Triangulate your re-heats
  9. No limits / Know limits
  10. Be decisive

We offer private classes. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

When you are handling liquid glass at 2100° F and only have 10 seconds to execute your next move, you’ll appreciate having an experienced instructor right by your side.

  • James Curtis has 11 years of experience and teaches all classes.
  • Each class is tailored to your abilities and goals. Set your own pace. Take your time or go as fast as you’re able. Explore what you want about glass, not what some course syllabus says you should learn.
  • Flexible Scheduling.
  • Complete more pieces. All the time in your class is devoted to you, so you can create more pieces than in a standard class of 6. (6 people = 1/6 of time for each student)
  • 1 or 2 students per class, same price. Your choice. Go it alone or sign up with a friend or a partner. If you’d like to attend a 2 student class and cannot convince any of your friends to sign up with you, we can take your name and match you up with another student in the same situation.
  • Upfront pricing. Class cost includes instruction and basic materials including color.
glassblowing instruction glassblowing instruction glassblowing instruction


Glass sculpting or Glass blowing? How to choose.

Glass Blowing

  • Glass blowing is more challenging.
  • Glass blowing allows students to complete larger, more intricate pieces more pieces than sculpting.
  • Typical glass blowing projects include: drinking glasses, vases, bowls & mushrooms.

Glass Sculpting

  • Glass sculpting is recommended for all students. 1 or 2 sculpting classes are recommended for students with no hot glass experience.
  • Glass sculpting allows for more completed projects than blowing.
  • Sculpted projects include; starfish, paperweights, & flowers.

Cost: $240 for 2 hours, $310 for 3 hours, $380 for 4 hours

Cost is the same for 1 or 2 students.

Discounts for booking a series of 4 hour classes:

Take a 15% discount for booking 2 classes, 20% discount for 3 classes, 25% discount for 4 classes, 30% discount for 5 or more classes.

Please review the safety information before your first class. Reviewing the l0 commandments of glass working would also be helpful.

Just want to watch? We offer private demonstrations for the same cost as our classes. You can relax and watch James make stars, flowers, and more for you and your party to take home.

Safety Information: Please remember to wear long sleeve tops and long pants, preferably cotton or other natural, breathable fabric. Tennis shoes are okay but secure boots are recommended. Protective eyewear is mandatory; bring a pair of good sunglasses (not too dark), or you can use (clear) standard protective glasses available at the hotshop. Please tie long hair back and be prepared to remove metal jewelry. Hydration is important in the hotshop. A water cooler and a small refrigerator are available in the office so please make liberal use of them. Also, the balance of the class payment will be collected at the beginning of the class so please have your check ready.