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Edge of Glass - 513 N. 36th Street, Suite. H, Seattle, Washington 98103

SeattleTimes.com: "Edge of Glass helps Fremont maintain its artistic credibility.."    ~ Read the entire article
Edge of Glass Lighting Gallery
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Edge of Glass Glass Art Gallery

Edge of Glass Gallery and Hotshop specializes in blown glass art and showcases our resident artist James M. Curtis III. and select works from other esteemed local glass artists. We are located in the “center of the universe”, the artistic community of Fremont in Seattle. Our gallery offers art glass lighting, platters and vessels and mixed media art work; in addition we offer private classes and glass sculpting demonstrations.

James Curtis works out of our hotshop which is located in the back of the gallery. James is a poet and painter, with a passion for beauty and knowledge; he found his true calling in hot glass in 1997. Always pushing the boundaries of creativity, James explores a broad range of glass works. At Edge of Glass there is always something new and exciting to see, but why take our word for it, come down to the shop and see for yourself.

Everything James creates for the Edge of Glass is hand blown, each item is unique and distinct in its design. We may display a lamp on this site that typifies what kind of work we do but the lamp itself may no longer be available. As you explore our website please be aware that just as our glass art will vary our prices will also vary. Please contact our office for an estimate.

We have many items that may not be featured on our website, if you have a specific request, please contact us and we will gladly email pictures of pieces that might suit your needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, we also do custom orders.

Edge of Glass gallery routinely ships all across the country and around the globe.

Edge of Glass Lighting Gallery

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