Antique Lamp Restorations

This page shows antique and vintage lamp bases & a select few reproductions. We order our contemporary lamp bases, contact us if you are interested in contemporary bases. The bases are shown in various stages of restoration. Lamp bases with patina can be polished, sockets will be replaced, supports can be added, lengthened or shortened to fit the glass shade you choose. All bases will be fitted for a hand blown glass shade by James Curtis.

Heights are given for a sense of scale. Height is approximate & rounded to the nearest half inch.

We are always happy to discuss the possibilities of any lamp with you. If you have something in mind that you don’t see here, please call or email. We are always getting in new pieces and cannot post them all right away. We also can keep an eye out for a particular lamp base at your request.

Floor Lamp Bases
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Floor Lamp Bases Close-ups

Table Lamp Bases
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A&C is short for Arts & Crafts, New is short for Art Nouveau. The titles of the lamp bases describe how a piece looks to the photographer and is not an appraisal. For example, a piece titled “Gold Deco Dancer”, probably isn’t gold but gold color and may not be a true art deco piece but done in an art deco style. In order to streamline the website, details about the lamp bases aren’t published here. Please contact us with questions about specific lamps. Thank you.