Sample Pricing Page

We offer a wide range of options for our customers. Much of our work is custom, and none of it is production * which is why we have a range of prices for our products. Size, shape, colors, and how many pieces are ordered, all affect the cost. We are always happy to provide an estimate.

  • Chandeliers– Glass for a large chandelier (18-22 inches across for wide style, about 12 inches across for bullet style) are usually $700-$1000 for the glass, $400 for the fixture.
  • Pendant Lights – $250-$400 for the glass, $95 for a simple fixture ( dark patina ceiling cap & glass cap, finished wire, socket, etc) $295 for an inverted fixture (much like a small chandelier)
  • Floor Lamps – Price is very dependent on the lamp base, a standard contemporary lamp will be relatively inexpensive compared to a rare antique lamp base. $850 for a complete lamp with a contemporary base – $1400 for a complete lamp with a typical antique base.
  • Table Lamps – Much like Floor Lamps, price is very dependent on the lamp base itself. As low as $300 for select shades on a touch lamp base to $ 2,500 for a custom shade on an rare antique base. Most contemporary bases plus shade fall into the $500 – $700 range. Most antique bases plus shade fall into the $800-$1300 range.
  • Ceiling Cover – If you have a threaded nipple ceiling fixture light, you may be able to have a shallow glass shade as a ceiling cover.  Typical price range from $200 to $400. Please check with us about the fixture.
  • Mushrooms Lamps $150 each
  • Wall Platters are typically sold in sets. Platters usually average about $150 per platter. Large sets may be priced lower per platter, sets that are broken up may be priced slightly higher per platter.
  • Large Basins that can be drilled for use as a sink, typically $900 – $1250. Price for drilled basins is $200 more than undrilled.
  • Larger Vases, So individual it’s hard to group but typically $350 – $750.
  • Smaller Vases– $45 to $125.
  • Mushrooms – $45-$85
  • Squash/Pumpkins/Gourds – $35 -$150
  • Business Card holders, $40 for sleek rounded style, $45 for fluted style.
  • Starfish – $20 to $50 for most
  • Flowers – $20 to $50 for most, Flowers in copper stands, $75, Large Flowers – $75.
  • Custom Orders – $700 minimum

If you are ordering for an event or are interested in something that you think is beyond your price range, contact us. There may be a way to satisfy your glass needs without breaking your budget. For example, we have a twice-annual clearance sale. To sign up to receive notice by email, email (Edge of Glass does not share your email with anyone.)

Shipping rates vary but typically are about 20% of your order or $20 minimum.

* Many hand blown glass pieces are production. This means the glass blower(s) do the same piece (same size, shape, color) over and over again. The first piece takes the longest to do, the second takes less time, and so on. By continuing to do the same piece ( or minor variations), they can create several pieces a day, charging less for each piece. They cover their costs & reap a profit from volume sales. James Curtis does not do production work, each piece is original and distinctive.